Done is better than Perfect

Okay between getting a subscription to Crunchyroll and my discovery of Japanese dating sims on my android tablet I am done. Look at me a living dead girl, dead from anime. I am fully ruined for real guys now.

A wish thrown into the darkness…

I have so many wishes in my heart lately, but I have no-one to really share them with, not anymore. Those that I might be able to are too busy with their own things & it would be an undo burden on them or others would probably laugh at my small wishes that I think it would break my heart.

I wish I was a stronger person so this hollow tinny feeling I have would go away and not push me closer to the razor’s edge. I wish I wouldn’t cling so close to people when I get lonely. I’m an introvert and prefer quiet with a few people than the loud parties most other people like with the big crowds, so I wish for those quiet times again. I haven’t had any of those in many years now. I miss getting hugs from friends. I miss being able to go and talk to people when I am feeling down. I want to be a better person but I can’t see a way to be her anymore. It’s like I’m stuck in a really thick, dense darkening fog in a late evening. I can’t see any way out or any light to guide me through. No one is looking for me and no one ever will. I am alone and always will be.

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